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Anthony Carter
28 Mar 2019

I have just read Richard Scott's wonderful book and found your website through Google search. I was a pupil briefly from 51 - 54. I was born a year after Richard Scott but would have been concurrent with him. I made a nostalgic trip to Birmingham last week and visited the Church. Brought back so many memories. I am so pleased to see that the School has such a great Website. Is it possible that you have a contact method for writing to Richard Scott? Very best wishes for the continuation of a very special seat of learning! Kindest regards.

Rating: Excellent

Christina Li
03 Jul 2016

I have been to this school I was a student on the year 2014-15 it the best year. the school is amazing especial my year 6 teachers.

Rating: Excellent

Anthony Sage
17 Jul 2015

Outreach concert at St Chad's: a simple thanks for a joyful hour... 'to sing is to pray twice'.

Rating: Excellent