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Stacey Yarrington
27 Jan 2023

You all probably remember me this was the best school ever had the best memories here I am Jamie Thomas and Liams little sister I wish I was back at this school we all have grown up got the most beautiful children.

Rating: Excellent

Aiza Hussain
09 Jul 2020

This school is one of the best schools the teachers are amazing especially the y6 teachers. The coronavirus cut our time short, but we still enjoyed it. I give this school 100/100 stars. When the time comes you feel very emotional and sad. Hopefully i'll meet my teachers again. Many thanks to all teachers and staff.

Rating: Excellent

09 Jul 2020

This school is so friendly that the people there make you feel like family. As a year 6 leaver in July 2020, I am so so sad that I won't get to see everybody before they leave.

Rating: Excellent

Inayah Hussain
07 Jul 2020

This school is amazing. I started in 2011 an finished 2 years ago (in 2018). I loved the school it was so amazing i loved it the teachers where amazing especially one of my year 6 teachers i would like to thank all the teachers who i have had through the years. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants there child to have a great future a head of them. Secondly, I also wanted to say that the teachers here are really funny and love children no matter what race or religion. The teachers will always teach the children to love live and pray together. I gurantee you that once you leave this school you are going to miss it. Love the school and especially the lunch better then secondry school!

Rating: Excellent

Naomi Kefle
13 May 2019

St. Joseph's Catholic Primary school is an extraordinary school. The teachers are very kind and funny and are very good at explaining things. They are also extremely patient. I have been in the school for almost 7 years and I have not had a thought of changing. Unlike many other school there are no bullies and all the children follow are motto which is to Live, Love, Learn and Pray together. I believe that it is very powerful!! I recommend this school to anybody who wants their child to have an amazing future and also have fun while learning. I wont forget that that lunch is fantastic!

Rating: Very Good

Anthony Carter
28 Mar 2019

I have just read Richard Scott's wonderful book and found your website through Google search. I was a pupil briefly from 51 - 54. I was born a year after Richard Scott but would have been concurrent with him. I made a nostalgic trip to Birmingham last week and visited the Church. Brought back so many memories. I am so pleased to see that the School has such a great Website. Is it possible that you have a contact method for writing to Richard Scott? Very best wishes for the continuation of a very special seat of learning! Kindest regards.

Rating: Excellent

Christina Li
03 Jul 2016

I have been to this school I was a student on the year 2014-15 it the best year. the school is amazing especial my year 6 teachers.

Rating: Excellent

Anthony Sage
17 Jul 2015

Outreach concert at St Chad's: a simple thanks for a joyful hour... 'to sing is to pray twice'.

Rating: Excellent