Dr Hermans, Chair of Governors.

St. Joseph's School is a Voluntary Aided School administered by a Governing Body. The Governing Body is made up of representatives from various groups that make up our school community – the Parents, the Staff, the Local Authority, the local community and the Church.

The Parent Governor is elected by parents of pupils who are registered at the school, and must be a parent of a registered pupil at the time of election. The staff elect the Teacher Governor and Support Staff Governor. The LEA Governor is nominated by the Local Education Authority. All Governors serve for a term of four years.

Our Governors work with staff to help them to ensure that all children have the best opportunity of achieving their full potential in a safe, spiritual and happy environment. They are responsible for making decisions about the running and management of the school in everything from the school budget to school admissions.

The main roles of the Governing Body are to:

  • Oversee the Spiritual life of school and ensure that everything we do is carried out within the Catholic ethos of our school.
  • Monitor the academic performance and progress of our children.
  • Work with the staff to help them teach and care for our children.
  • Decide how the resources of the school can be best used.
  • Make provisions for the future to ensure that school's performance continues to improve.

The full Governing Body meets at least once a term. There are also sub-committees within the Governing Body, with specific responsibility for Resources (including Finance), Health and Safety/Safeguarding and the Curriculum. Individual Governors also take responsibility for specific areas of interest, such as SEND or Health and Safety.

The Governing Body meets at least once each term and is required to produce an 'Annual Report to Parents'.

We are always keen to hear your views, so please feel free to contact any of us directly. We look forward to a continued successful partnership with you.

Dr D Hermans
Chair of Governors

Members of our Governing Body

Name Title/Role
Dr D Hermans Chair of Governors, Foundation Governor
Miss R Barrett Vice Chair of Governors, Foundation Governor
Mrs K O'Connor Foundation Governor
Rev S Pimlott Foundation Governor
Ms P Thomas Foundation Governor
Mr G Thompson Foundation Governor
Mrs Y Chen Parent Governor
Mrs M Ashley Headteacher
Mr C Caffrey Staff Governor
Mrs L Rose Clerk to the Governors

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