Our Pupils - Pupil Voice

At St. Joseph's, the children in our school are the most important people. They have lots of opportunities to share their thoughts on key issues in school, such as school meals and playtime provision.

Play Leaders

In our school we have six pupils who have been properly 'trained' as Play Leaders. Trained Play Leaders are skilled at helping the children to work and play together in school and to recognise when some children are having difficult times in the playground.

Our Play Leaders organising games at school.
Play Leaders working with younger children.

Pupil Questionnaire

Children in Years 2 - 6 regularly complete 'Pupil Voice' questionnaires, which give them an opportunity to say what they think about aspects of school life, such as behaviour and learning.

You can see some of the children's responses below:

How do you know you're doing well?

  • "I know when I am doing well if I see green pen in my book. I also know when I have done something well when I get a reward."
  • "When I do well, I get green pen in my book, and by rewards, self-checking, getting high marks in Extended Writing and the teachers congratulating you."
  • "The marking, getting house points and the teacher telling you."
  • "The teacher marks our work. The green writing tells us what we are good at and the pink writing tells us what we should improve on."

What do you like about school?

  • "It's Catholic and good education, and I love this school!"
  • "You can learn more about everything"
  • "How teachers help me. I like Maths, English and PE because they all get you thinking. Also I like trips."
  • "I love it when I learn different Bible stories about Jesus and I am interested in the Catholic faith and what they do."

Do you feel safe at school?

  • "Yes because we are protected by the staff"
  • "I feel safe at school because of the CCTV and security system"
  • "I feel safe at school because I feel like I'm at home because I am welcome and not in danger."
  • "I feel safe because teachers always do things for our welfare. Like they call in Community Officers to teach us about safety."

What do we do well at St. Joseph's?

  • "We pray well, we have a good choice of teachers because they are friendly. Also everyone has a good personality"
  • "That when new children come and adults you make us all feel welcome and care about us, and love and give us presents."
  • "We have better equipment, we have better teachers, we learn better. We think that our school is better because we can see Jesus through the Blessed Sacrament."
  • "Teaching and putting smiles on a child's face."
  • "The thing that you do well is that you always solve problems and you make the children happy."
  • "In St Joseph's, we do everything well."