Wellbeing Pioneer School

As of Spring 2023, we are currently taking part in a ‘Raising Attainment with Wellbeing’ project in school that focuses on the wellbeing of children and its importance in helping them to achieve well in school.

As part of this we have started many new initiatives in school, including our Wellbeing Champions, who are currently developing a new anti-bullying strategy, our lunchtime board games clubs and a staff wellbeing team.

The aim of this project is to raise the profile of good mental health across the school and to support in helping positive experiences during the school day.

We are proud to say that we have now been named a 'Wellbeing Pioneer School’ and awarded a quality mark for this.

As we continue through this project and look at further improving the wellbeing of our children, staff and families, we hope to share lots more exciting initiatives with you.

Wellbeing Pioneer School