Year 2

In Year 2, we are the oldest children downstairs in Key Stage 1, and we try very hard to always set a good example to the younger children. Our teachers work very hard to help us to get ready to move upstairs to Key Stage 2.

Our lessons are a little more formal than in Year 1, and we have Maths, English and Phonics lessons every morning. In the afternoon we study a range of subjects including RE, Science, PE, and ICT. All other subjects like History, Geography, Music, Art and DT are taught through topics enabling children to make links between subjects.

In Year 2, we have to do some very special work towards the end of the year, which helps our teachers to find out how we are learning in school, and what help we might need to ensure that we always achieve our best. We work hard to prepare for our assessments at the end of Year 2

Our Catholic faith is at the centre of all we do, and we start and end each day with prayers. In the morning we share assemblies and collective worship or Mass with other classes.

Our Learning

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Working hard in English.
Investigations in maths.

Lenten collective worship.
Our fabulous day at the Sealife Centre.