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We are very proud of our school uniform. Uniform is an important part of our school life, and helps us to always look smart. All children are required to wear uniform.

Our uniform is as follows:


  • Plain grey/black trousers (compulsory)
  • Red or white polo shirt (school logo optional or plain)
  • Red sweatshirt with school logo (school logo compulsory)
  • Sensible black shoes (compulsory – not boots or trainers)


  • Plain grey/black skirt, trousers or pinafore dress (compulsory)
  • Red or white polo shirt (school logo optional or plain) 
  • Red cardigan or red sweatshirt with school logo (school logo compulsory)
  • Sensible flat black shoes (compulsory – not boots or trainers)
  • Plain grey/black tights or plain white/grey socks

During the summer, girls may wear summer dresses of red gingham. Boys may wear plain grey/black shorts.

From September 2022,  your child may also choose to wear a plain red or white polo shirt without the school badge on. Please note that the jumper or cardigan with a school logo on remains compulsory.

At various points throughout the year, we will hold a ‘Uniform SwapShop’ where you can bring in good quality, clean items of uniform, and exchange them for a bigger size, or purchase used items of uniform that we have available. Details of this will be featured in our newsletter.


Red Cardigans, sweatshirts, polo shirts, and girls school blouses featuring the school logo are available to buy from My Clothing

Your child should also have a red school book bag with the school logo on, and a red PE bag. These and other items of uniform are also available from My Clothing.

PE Kit

All children need black shorts, a white t-shirt, and a pair of black slip-on pumps.

During winter months, children may bring a tracksuit to wear for outdoor PE lessons. These may be kept in a pump bag in the cloakroom, but should be taken home half termly for washing.

All children must do PE lessons unless there is a genuine medical reason for not doing so, in which case you must send in a note. A letter will be sent home if your child forgets their PE kit on two occasions.


On health and safety grounds, we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school. The exception to this rule is one pair of earring studs in pierced ears. Please note that these have to be removed when children go swimming or have PE lessons. If children cannot remove them independently, please ensure that they are not worn on PE or swimming days.

Children are not allowed to wear necklaces of any kind. Inexpensive analogue watches may be worn in Key Stage 2. However, smart watches and watches that could be disruptive in class, must not be worn for school.


The school does not permit children to have haircuts that could serve as a distraction to other children, or detract from the formality of the school. Children should not have tram lines, patterns, skin fades or logos shaved into their hair, and it should not be excessively short (beyond a grade 2), or unnaturally coloured. The back and sides must be blended with the top, to avoid an extreme ‘step’ or contrast. The school does not permit any unnatural or artificial colours, exaggerated, gelled or shaved designs like ‘Mohicans’.

All headwear needs to be appropriate for school, i.e. headbands, bobbles, ribbons, ‘scrunchies’ and hair slides are only to be worn where hair needs to be tied back. These items should be in line with school colours only, i.e. red or white and of a sensible size, no large flowers on headbands, no oversized bows, and no beads in the hair of any kind.

We advise children with long hair to always have their hair tied back (to prevent the spread of head-lice) and away from their eyes in order that they can see clearly at all times.

Hats are permitted to be worn outside at break times, these must be appropriate for school (no inappropriate logos or words.)


Every child in Y4/5/6 goes swimming on a rota basis during the school year. For this they will require appropriate clothing; either trunks or a bathing costume (no bikinis are permitted). They will also require a towel, carried in a waterproof bag. All children must attend swimming lessons unless there is a genuine medical reason for not attending. In this case, a note must be provided from a doctor.


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