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Welcome to Reception Class. This is the beginning of your learning journey at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. 

Throughout this important year, the teachers work closely with parents to ensure that we settle into formal education quickly and easily. We are offered new opportunities to help draw out our ability and potential, helping us to grow and develop in preparation for the future. 

Our Reception classroom is a large self-contained area with its own toilet facilities. It provides a safe, happy and stimulating learning environment for us. 

As with everything at St Joseph’s, our Catholic faith is at the centre of everything we do in Reception Class. We learn that Jesus loves us all, and that we are special. We all try hard to treat everyone that we meet with love and respect, just as Jesus did, and we start and end each day with prayers. On a Monday and Thursday morning, we gather together in faith during assemblies and prayer and liturgy. Every other week, we celebrate mass with Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6. 

During this year we will be learning skills, gaining new knowledge, and demonstrating understanding through seven areas of learning and development. 

The three prime areas are:

    • Communication and Language; 
    • Personal, Social and Emotional Development; 
    • Physical Development. 

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